How hard can it be?

Kerbonauts Bar, Baikonur Kosmodrone, April 20th, 1951.

Valentina and Jebediah are sitting alone in the bar with a big glass of Keer each, discussing how hard it can really be to get either of them to space, and the conclusion is clear: Not that hard.

“Those silly things Werner designs are stupidly complicated, we just need one of those new fancy pointy cockpits, probably a chute and a big booster!” comes the inevitable comment from Jebediah.

Valentina can’t agree completely though “One booster would never be enough, Werner don’t have any big enough!”.

Not to be taken down so lightly, Jebediah simply ups his hand “Well, then we’ll use two? One on top of the other and a spring in between that we can release by pulling a piece of string?”.

Looking contemplative, Valentina starts to see a plan forming “Yeah, and then a few wings, maybe 3 because it’ll look awesome and we will have a space rocket!”.

“You know Val, I bet Werner have all the parts just lying around, and I think I saw a dark corner over there with a small cart to make the thing on?” Jebediah says, a big smile slowly forming.

With that comment, Valentina picks up her Keer, and together she and Jebediah starts heading towards the VAB. As they pass the flagpole, Jebediah looks at Valentina with a serious look “Dibs on flying it. It was my idea, and you’re already flying the planes”.

“WHAT?” immediately comes out of a shocked Valentina, who nearly drops her Keer “That’s totally not fair, the damn thing couldn’t even get off the ground”.

“Well it is fair, the next one will, Werner says so” replies Jebediah, while keeping back a bad joke about Valentina and weight.

“Fine, but I get the next rocket after that” Valentina says, with a clear determination.

“Sure”, Jebediah says, his mood vastly improved now that he’s firmly believing that he’s going to space soon. “Maybe Werner has 4 boosters after all?”.

With that, Valentina and Jeb wanders into the VAB, which is mostly empty as all the engineers are busy in the hangar making a plane…


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