Seco… Uhm, fourth? flight…

Baikonur Kosmodrone, April 20th, 1951.

Boomer 3 is ready, although the photographer was a bit late at the launchpad (or someone launched too early?), in any case, they only snagged a shot of Boomer 3, just after it had launched.


As seen, it didn’t even have a protective fairing for the second stage and the few instruments – although given the heating while in flight it would probably have been a good idea…

In any case, since we need to learn as much as we can about about shooting up rockets, we had Werner make a small program to send back a few bits of information during every second of the flight. Werner is all too pleased about the result though.

Boomer 3 plots

All in all, we are all happy that we were able to accurately predict the final outcome of the launch: Boomer 3 did indeed not survive hitting the atmosphere on the way back.

It went surprisingly high though, twice as high as planned, just passing 1000 km above the surface – an impressive feat. We do need to have a look at the spinny-thing we do to stabilize the unguided rockets though; since once the air gets thinner, it does not seem to work much more – it just ends up just spinning and spinning, around the going-up direction.

Werner showed a simulation of a controlled rocket, but there doesn’t seem to be much point, as it barely got halfway of what Boomer 3 did. Perhaps we need to start considering multiple engines for the first stage, although that will make the rockets rather big – I don’t even dare think what it’ll take to get a kerbal into space.

I haven’t seen Valentina around for the rocket launches, nor Jebediah. I’m slightly nervous not having seen them around for some reason though.

–Gene Kerman


2 thoughts on “Seco… Uhm, fourth? flight…

  1. Yeah, just save the .ks script in the kOS library (ksp/ships/scripts) and then use the kOS console to run it from volume 0 before starting the flight. It’ll make a .csv file in the same location named after the craft where the various info will be recorded every second until you either force-quit the script or crash 😛


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