You did WHAT?!?

Baikonur Kosmodrone, unknown date.

“It’s really simple Gene, while the Kosmodrone is awesome, it would be better to move the rocket launch site further south, closer to the equator – it’ll be easier getting into space there”, argued Werner for, perhaps, the 7th time.

But Jebediah continued to insist on knowing just exactly how much more easy. The argument was old, with both Bill and Bob trying to explain how much it was, with Valentina and Jebediah shaking their heads at just how little.

“In any case, we’re moving the future rocket launches there, although we might keep R&D and some planes at the Kosmodrone”, interrupted Gene – and not for the first time. “Why are you so much against it? It’ll get you guys into space faster!” he nearly shouted.

Valentina and Jebediah glanced nervously at each other, then turned towards Gene and Werner, “we’ve kinda been building a small rocket in the shed next to the VAB, and we’re totally confident that it’ll get us to space – it’ll be ready to launch in a few days” Jebediah proclaimed, beaming with pride.

“You’ve be……” was all that came out of Gene as he dropped his koffee mug on the floor, him and Werner both looking profoundly dumbfounded at the pair.


In the end, after long arguments, it was decided that Valentina and Jebediah could keep their little pet projects at the Kosmodrone VAB, under the condition that they did them as regular launches, allowed Bill and Bob to help with the rockets, as well as not getting themselves killed.


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