Where did 1952 go?

December 30th, 1952, Baikonur Kosmodrone, Kerbinia.

Where did the entire year go? Sure, we had six rocket launches (and a full 5 were a success), and we have a design or a viable short term “Earth Observation” satellite being finalized and produced, not to mention a highly successful design of “Vals Looker”.

I think it’s Werners guys thinking up new technology that’s keeping us back, they just haven’t focussed on the things we need yet – though I am confident that they are on the right track, but we will see.

The Ministry of Health wanted a few manned tests which Jebediah performer, one of them he even stuck the landing quite well, with the new symmetrical parachute variant.

Jebediah literally sticking the landing – right into the ground.

As can be seen, the parachutes were so well balanced that he stuck the cockpit right into the ground! He even thought it was so hilarious that he didn’t move an inch before the recovery team showed up, just so they could see it as well.

On top of the contracted tests, he also conducted initial tests with vehicle mounted cameras.

Jebediah thought it funny to take a picture of his cockpit screen showing a video feed as well.

Aside from Jebediah’s many antics, we also launched several contracted unmanned probes. The results varied a bit though, but two were a usual success and our non-contracted attempt at expanding our height record were successful, although not as much as we thought.

RH-2 launching from the Kosmodrone pad.

It beat Boomer 4 by a measly 400 km, which everyone thought odd, as it was 40 % as powerful? Werner is speculating that orbit may not be that difficult, if a rocket that can achieve that can’t even get to 4000 km. I believe he’s instituting a new design policy in this regard.

The last unmanned launch flew today, at least in part. It apparently nicked one of the clamps holding it and started going sideways – luckily away from the Satish Dhawan centre, towards the ocean where it crashed. We should still be able to build another and meet the contract on time though.

We’re also making progress towards spying on the Illyriens. While the RH mk. 2 is well under way, Valentina tested the aircraft designed for this. The plane was a remarkable success except for one thing – the range. She launched from Plesetsk, but by the time her tank was half empty, she was only about to reach Kermany. We suspect we’d have to find a landing strip on Kuba or similar, to be able to use it.

Aside from that, it was a perfect plane. Taking off and landing at night, stable and able to maintain supersonic speeds at 12-15 km. Werners new light enhancing Kamera even took some nice pictures, although they seem to have been mounted sideways, as can bee seen from the picture of a lake.

Picture of a Lake near Kermany, taken by Valentina.

We also started upgrading our second launch pad this year, which should be dome sometime next year. Asides from that, a successful view of the Illyrien space centre is expected from orbit, and if Werner can finally cook up the right things, perhaps even some of those Lunar Kontracts that the Ministry of Information is badgering us about can be achieved.


–Gene Kerman


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