Impact and recovery

February 28th, 1954, Baikonur Kosmodrone, Kerbinia.

Gene Kerman providing mission update to the Ministry and press.

February has been a busy month for us here at the Kerbinian Space Agency – no less than two firsts have been accomplished. First, earlier this month we indeed confirmed that the Moon is indeed solid! This was accomplished by impacting it with the Lunar Transfer Stage of our second Lunar Probe.

Th is second probe is the same model as the first one, almost, and is likewise in a polar orbit, although 90 degrees off, allowing the probes to circle in perpendicular orbits – as a titbit of information, the Lunar 3 probe is planned for an equatorial orbit, placing all three probes perpendicular to each other.

Aside from the recorded impact, the Lunar 2 also shot some very nice low orbit pictures that were transmitted.

Kamera facing Kerbin and Kerbol.
Kamera facing the opposite direction of Kerbin and Kerbol.

The second achievement is the first orbital probe recovered. The Recovery-1 were placed into orbit with a high-resolution Kamera that were able to take some pictures of the Illyrien “space” centre. As these are high resolution, we don’t have them yet, but we are currently in the process of recovering the probe from the ocean.



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