Jebediah first kerbal in orbit

September 15th, 1954, Baikonur Kosmodrone.

Today was mostly a good day. We achieved everything we set out to do, but not as well as I had hoped. At least the Ministry photographer was happy that our first launch of the Proton-1 was during the day-time – there is no reason for secrecy any more anyway.

Proton-1 launch vehicle, with the Recovery C-2 payload on top.

As the design shows on the pad, we’ve departed from the multiple boosters of the Lunar launch vehicle for now, opting for more simple stages, given that they are manned launches. The take-off is no less spectacular though.

Proton-1 take-off, being propelled by 2 clusters of 4 nozzles each.

The purpose of the mission was for Jebediah to achieve orbit around our fair planet, which he indeed did. He even brought along his own personal Kamera to take a picture out the small hatch.

Jebediah showing off his photography skills in space.

The mission only orbited for around 9 hours, as the capsule battery were draining quite a lot faster than predicted – Jebediah had snacks for a full 3 days, but without power to operate the air recycler, it didn’t seem to be a good idea to leave him there. It was still perfectly adequate for Jebediah to also perform a small space walk, outside the capsule.

We also learned that whomever designed the capsule did not design our other RCS systems, as they’re using different types of fuel it seems. Werner has added this item to his check-list (which is getting quite long by now).

We are planning another launch already. Partly because we would like to have an extended duration, to see how something more than a few hours affect our astronauts, and partly because Valentina won’t shut up about her also wanting to go.



Gene Kerman



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