1954 – a year of achievements

December 31st, 1954 – Baikonur Kosmodrone.

1954 have been a good year for the Kerbinian Space Agency. We reached quite a few milestones:

  • Impacted the Moon
  • Recovered a probe from Earth orbit
  • We sent a probe off towards Venus
  • Jebediah Kerman became the first Kerbinian, and the first kerbal, in orbit (and returned safely)
  • Our Venus probe arrived at Venus and returned pictures and readings from not only the surrounding space, but the upper atmosphere as well.

Since our Venus mission arrived, only a single launch have been undertaken (as well as a test launch for our KomSat network), where Valentina made a space-walk from  capsule. Unlike the Illyriens who had someone quickly poke their head out of a cockpit, Valentina was sitting snugly in orbit, and were able to perform an actual space-walk, collecting data on being in space, and transmitting the results back as per the ministry contract.

This morning, we also discovered that we have lost contact with some of our Lunar probes*, and while the Ministry of “Intelligence” would likely claim foul play from the Illyriens, we here at the KSA know that they don’t have the capability to do so. It is a mystery so far.

1955 looks to be an exciting year, although many things looks to be routine.

We plan to launch an LEO KomSat network, until we get a proper geostationary network up with more powerful antennas. It should keep us from having blackouts all the time or missing perfect launch windows due to lack of signal (it’s weird, once they’re off to the Moon, we have little trouble, it’s close to Earth that we have the worst coverage).

The Ministry of Information and Truth wants us to land a probe on the Moon as well, though they have stressed that is must be intact because of reasons…

Lastly, we are planning further manned missions, to see how long we can extend such trips, and certain voices have started complaining about the lack of company on such potentially long trips (I don’t get it, they have a radio?).

The R&D centre started an upgrade. We won’t exactly need it for a while yet, but we will need it eventually, and someone apparently began it because we had enough funds (nearly bankrupting the KSA – I will have to investigate who did it).

Three concrete plans for 1955 should be enough – these larger rockets take a while to build after all, but there may come other interesting things along the way, the Ministry seem to award us contracts by rolling dice sometimes it seems.

Now I’m off for the new year celebrations – although I’m a bit nervous because both Bill and Bob had a glee in their eyes when talking to Werner about fireworks that I would only expect from Jebediah when mentioning trips to space – I hope we still have a space centre tomorrow…



Gene Kerman


*: Play note: Orbital Decay mod was added, and for some reason several Lunar probes went poof – oddly enough the one remaining was the first one, which also have the lowest periapsis of any of the orbits, and the RH-3 is also still in Earth Sub-orbital flight after almost 2 years….. Otherwise it seems to work…


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