As per the glorious leaders speech…

January 17th, 1956, Kerbinia Space Centre.

As the glorious leader expressed a clear interest to go to the Moon within this decade, we have now turned our focus that way.

Our first update is that our updated Lunar Lander, with an ironically less powerful engine, has now landed safely on the Moon and transmitted back a great amount of scientific data.

It initially landed upon a hill, however after having taken a few pictures there, it was manoeuvred down said hill. The initial picture taken has been printed, and a photo for publication has been created, by turning this picture (the probe is sideways) and taking a picture of our mock-up model in front of this picture taken from the Moon (important fact, don’t forget this or the conspirators will all come out).

Constructed image of how the probe should look on the Moon.

The landing itself was controlled all the way through the descent, and the probe hit the moon at just over 40 m/s (this may sound like a lot, and it is a lot – but the probe is rated for 3 times that!), with the descent stage being separated about 100 meters above the surface.

We know the probe is side-ways, because two side-kameras are showing a side-ways surface, one is only showing surface and the fourth only stars. Attached are also these images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The probe is still fully functional, and although it has found a quite nice future landing spot, we’d prefer to land somewhere else in the future to learn more about other parts of the Lunar surface.

We estimate that we will also have Valentina perform a fly-by of the Moon within this quarter, but we have several other launches under construction for the first half year, due to specific time constraints.



Gene Kerman


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