Training and drawing

Quarterly report of the Kerbinian Space Agency, third quarter, 1956.

The third quarter of the year has progressed somewhat routinely, although a temporary setback did crop up during the end of the quarter.Our space program is continuing on track though, and we’ve even managed to give the Ministry of Intelligence a bit of help along the way.

July started off with Bill and Bob taking another flight in the orbital trainer, remembering the lesson learned last time, the final engine was fired far earlier – allowing them to achieve actual orbit this time. We now have the first full 3-kerbal crew that have been in space. This is an important step, not just towards the Moon, but also towards our future presence in space in general – as crews of people who’s skills complement each other is a necessity in the long term, and having been in orbit to practice a bit before going on extended missions seems like a good idea.

By the end of July, our Lunar Mapper had completed its mission, and have measured and transmitted a complete elevation map of the Moon. This map will be a great boon to us, as it allows us to better choose suitable landing sites for future landing missions, be they unmanned or manned. Given the importance of the data, the map is of course classified – there is, of course, no reason to deliver such crucial information to other nations.

The day after receiving the final Lunar telemetry, a clone of the Lunar Mapper was launched on a basic Proton-1 launcher, into a polar Earth orbit. We expect it to have completed its task of mapping the elevation of the entire Earth within 2-3 weeks.

Mid-August our the last telemetry from the Earth Mapper is received. As the shape of the planet is generally somewhat known this map has not been classified completely, and a lower resolution map of the world has been published.

Measured elevation map of the Earth, with a rough outline of Kerbinia.

The same day, our next rocket were ready for launch – a Proton-1 carrying a “Docking target”-payload, intended for Jebediah to launch in a separate rocket and guide it to a successful docking.

The launch itself went perfectly well, and the docking target was placed into a good target orbit. Unfortunately it had no engines for maintaining orbit, and the next rocket was not ready. As a result, it re-entered the atmosphere before the “Dockee”-rocket was ready. This caused a delay in the test until the 4th quarter, as a new docking target had to be built.

We hope that by having both rockets ready at the same time, the docking targets orbit will only decay a little between the launches – and we will be able to complete the test.



Gene Kerman


10 thoughts on “Training and drawing

  1. Rendesvouz and docking, not bad, not bad at all.

    Sounds like you have “Space Exploration”, I look forward to getting that tech. Jeb is getting rather grumpy about not visiting space this year.

    Seems I should start claiming some land.


    • No rendezvous and docking yet (nor Jeb in space this year), since the target didn’t stay up long enough >_<

      And Space Exploration? I may have? Not sure? What's in it?

      Claiming land? As in going there and placing a flag to claim it? 😛


      • The tech “Space Exploratiobn” has capsules in it, amongst other things. I think its the first tech where we get better capsules. I dont’ remember it too clearly though.

        More like, writing on a map where my country is. 😉


        • Ah, well you’ll see in a month anyway that it’s the dinky mk. 1 pod and the small mk. 1 passenger thing that I’m docking together….

          And yeah, go make a map of the Earth for you to draw on – you ain’t getting mine 😛


        • Yeah, I’ve been looking at the “have more people in space” and the “have people in space longer” records for a bit more income – but it gets rather complicated past 2 kerbals and 2 weeks….

          Incidentally I also think I’ve hit a limit with a mk. 1 crew carrier on top of a mk.1 pod – I’m going to need width to slow down if I have much weight beyond that I think.


        • If I’m just having them for extended time, yeah – but it’s money out the window then.

          If I have Kerbals in them, it becomes a bit more of an issue though having multiple craft on re-entry at the same time….


        • I still havent found a good solution for this, which is one major reason that I havent really done much crewed space exploration :/

          Well, you could separate them and reenter them separately, one at a time


      • I could, but then I’d need to bring along engines and control for every pod (not to mention heat shields and chutes) – and probably probes as well, because re-entry would take longer, or not go the duration.

        All in all, it’s a limited prospect, when the idea was to make money in a simple way….


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