Doc(k) Jebediah

November 5th, 1956, Baikonur Kosmodrone.

After launching the new Docking target a couple of days ago, Jebediah today launched in the “Dockee”-rocket, on top of another Proton-1 rocket to intercept it.

The launch was timed to hit orbit close to the target, but still required a handful of orbits before the two orbits had been perfectly aligned, and Jebediah had caught entirely up with the docking target.

The approach was photographed by the docking kamera and a selection of these can be seen below – Starting from far away, where the guide-lights on the docking target is hardly visible – until contact with the extended docking ring.

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To commemorate the occasion, Jebediah went outside and took a picture with his own kamera. After being done taking photos, Jebediah made sure to utilize the back-up snacks as much as he could, while in orbit.

Jebediahs picture of the two vessels docked.

After the 14-hour long mission had completed (just Jebediah’s, not including launching the docking target and waiting for a suitable launch time), Jebediah slowed his command pod down for de-orbit, holding on to the docking target until he had competed the braking manoeuvre in order to ensure that it also de-orbited quickly.

After releasing the docking target, Jebediah manoeuvred his pod slowly away, to gain some distance before his successful re-entry.



Gene Kerman


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