The Bear has landed

January 21st, 1957; Baikonur Kosmodrone.

“We are live here at the KSA main mission control in the Kosmodrone, and while the main area of mission control is currently closed off, we have been told that the doors will be opened shortly and we can come back in – nothing should have gone wrong, but they wanted absolutely no distractions for some very demanding manoeuvres”, the KNN reporter said, while looking into the Kamera.

A few minutes later the doors and shutters are opened, allowing reporters to see what’s going on, as well as the Kameras to see the main screen of mission control. At the same time, Gene Kerman tells them that they might want to check out the feed from the space centre, showing a ship on what looks like the surface of the Moon.

Bear-1 landing module on the surface of the Moon.

As speculation runs rampant among the reporters, Gene has gone back to the control room and can now be heard on the audio feed from the space centre.

Gene: “Alright Jebediah, we have the picture, so the Kamera is set up as it should be. Come around and say hello to the world”.

Jebediah: “On my way Gene, and hello world, and everyone at the KSA mission control”.

As Jebediah’s voice comes over the audio channel, a lone figure can also be seen making long slow strides from the position where the Kamera is at, towards the landing module, only to turn around to smile and wave at the Kamera.

Jebediah next to the Bear-1 LM.

Gene: “Al-right, now that we have that out of the way, we have a lot of work to do – instruments and samples must be set up and gathered – this is for science after all”.

Jebediah: “I’ll get right on it, I know Bob is sitting with a rather long check-list of things for me to do, Jebediah out”.

As Jebediah begins his work, Gene once again goes into the reporters lounge to assure them that they will get to talk to Jebediah later – maybe while he’s still on the moon, but otherwise once he’s back. The science and actual work of getting him back takes precedence after all.


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