Travelling in green

August 19th, 1958, Baikonur Kosmodrone.

“Greetings everyone, and welcome to Baikonur. I know it’s been a while since you have all been here to see a launch, due to the focus on LEO from this site – so you often observe exciting new launches from Satish”.

“But today that is in for a change. As you can see, today I am not alone on the podium, with me to usher in yet another groundbreaking era in space launches in Greene Kerman, the director of the International Kerbinian Environmental Agency, Greene?”.

“Thank you Gene. Yes, today we are launching the rocket you can see on the pad in the background”.

Earth MapSat-2 on the Baikonur launchpad.

“This rocket represents several steps forward. Firstly, the increased resolution of the mapping satellite will give us better knowledge of the Earth, but it is so precise that we can use it to track ships and pollution at sea – in order to find and catch those opportunistic kapitalists who would pollute our dear planet, Gene?”.

“Thank you Greene. Now to launch this fine project we could have taken any existing launcher, but given the nature of the launch, it will debut our new environmentally friendly Proton-1a. You, you heard me right, an environmentally friendly launch vehicle. To explain how we managed that, I’ll turn you over to Wernher”.

“Thank you Gene, well the process is rather simple. Firstly both the first and second stages are Hydrolox engines – so the only fuel they’re burning is Hydrogen and Oxygen – essentially it’s spewing water out. We do sadly not have Hydrolox separatrons, but are looking into that – so it does unfortunately pollute very slightly”.

“As always, we’re also recovering, and re-using, the first stage – and are looking into the possibility of doing so with the second stage as well – both for the environment as well as limiting the amount of orbital debris, that especially the Illyriens seems to leave a lot of”.

“The upper stage do have a non-Hydrolox fuel, but that is only used in space. All in all, IKEA are quite impressed with our concept, and we’re planning to see how much of our regular launches can be moved to this new concept, Gene?”.

“Thank you Wernher. In other news, Valentina Kerman have transmitted a picture of her ship set down in the Lunar Seas. She is already on her way back, and while the lower section of the lander unfortunately tipped over when she launched, it is still intact with enough power generation and communications capacity that we can gather data from it in the long term”.

Lunar-2 lander, landed in the Lunar Seas (no water here).

“Well ladies and gentlemen, I that was it for today. Now we will all answer some questions, before the launch in 42 minutes”.


Later, in Gene’s office, after the launch, Gene and Wernher is meeting with a couple of officials from the Ministry of Information and Truth.

“And you’re sure no one suspects Director Kerman?”

“Yes, as both Wernher and I have explained, not even the Director of IKEA knows that the mapping satellite also has a system to gather further signals intelligence on the Illyriens. I still think we should have used the cover of it being to triangulate ship transmissions though – would have worked better”.

“Yes, well, the Ministry does not think so”, the men clad in black suits said knowingly, as they left Gene’s office”.


10 thoughts on “Travelling in green

  1. IKEA! Lol

    Littering space… who was it that did a comsat cannon? πŸ˜‰ but yea, we are looking into adding deorbiting capability to launchers.

    Nice lander, is there a reentry vehicle in orbit of the Moon?


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