The humdrum of routine

October 8th, 1958; Baikonur Kosmodrone.

The last couple of months have mostly seen routine missions. We launched a Kerlab crew in the beginning of September, followed a day later by a new satellite to create a better map of the Moon.

The first saw no press mention due to its routine nature, nor did the second – because “what’s another one?” as the reporters say.

Eleven days ago, we once again sent a mission to the surface of the Moon – this time landing in the area termed the “midlands”. I am pleased to report that the landing went fine, that the lander stage is standing upright this time and that the pilot is almost back.

We are not planning any more returns at the moment. We do have a contract for the southern polar region, but we need to develop a wider, more stable, lander before attempting such a thing.

Which brings us to today’s launch – something routine, yet the end of an era. Kerlab have been in space for around a year, having hosted numerous crews over that time. Today we’re launching the last Kerlab mission. Bill and Bob will have an extended stay of two months as there are supplies for that – after which Bob will leave in the capsule they went up in, and Bill will shut down and de-orbit the station before returning in the emergency capsule.

Launch of the 7th and last mission to the Kerlab.

Once the new year begins, we will begin planning for the Kerbinian Space Station, a new station, with more modern technology designed to be a permanent station in orbit.

We are also looking at redesigning a lot of our life supply systems, due to recent breakthroughs.



Gene Kerman


OOC: We are switching to TAC LS by January 1st 1959. As such I believe it’s time to retire Kerlab and build something bigger and better.


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