Hunter, Prey.

September 25th, 1959; Baikonur Kosmodrone.

“Right, before we begin the main event, I’ll just summarize the month so far”, Gene began the conference.

“We got a nice big box of tools up to KSS, but have postponed the rest of the launches a bit, due to technical issues. Jebediah, Bill and Bob cam back from spending a month in orbit of the Moon, and are no worse for wear, all wanting to get back out there again as usual”.

“Last, we come to the main event, which some of you witnessed the launch of two days ago”.

Launch of the Hunter-1 probe on top of the trusted Proton-3 lifter.

“I am proud to announce that the Hunter-1 probe has made contact with the unnamed asteroid it was targeting after only two days worth of manoeuvring towards intercept”.

“The probe carried a small disposable Kamera with a transmitter, which took a couple of snapshots as it was released and sent those to the probe, which then relayed them back here”, Gene said, as be pressed the remote, showing the images.

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“This is all the photos we’re getting though, as the disposable Kamera have now not only run out of battery, but also drifted away. We do have some data received from the probe, and can continue to use the probe to monitor the asteroid, as it passed within less than 15.000 km of the Earth”.

“That’s all we have, and we are looking at about a month before we have our next launch as well – the rest of the year not looking quite as hectic as it has been so far”.


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