Moonbase Alpha

September 1st, 1959; Baikonur Kosmodrone.

Here follows the monthly report of the Kerbinian Space Programme, by Director Gene Kerman.

August was a quiet month, even though it started out with the launch of the KLS-Transport, taking Jebediah, Bill and Bob to our newly established Kerbinian Lunar Station (KLS) for a one month stay.

The launch itself didn’t garner much media attention though, and neither did the other two major events of the month.

Firstly we made a slight course correction on the Saturn-1, putting it into an almost perfect angle of entry for the probe. The remaining adjustment we are planning to do in orbit.

Secondly, the Mars-2 entered orbit around Mars, or rather the radar-tracking confirms that the pre-programmed manoeuvre executed roughly on schedule – but we do not have contact with the probe due to the alignment of the planets. Our Mars-3, awaiting a good launch window, do have more powerful antennae, and will be able to serve as a relay for Mars-2 as well. Until then, we can only wait for better positioning before we regain control and can try the lander.



Gene Kerman


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