Back to normal (we thought)

March 31st, 1960; Baikonur Kosmodrone.

The first quarter have progressed on schedule, and as expected – although we were slightly disturbed about the news early in the quarter regarding the mad Illyrien schemes to send off their kerbonauts to Mars to apparently die – or that the Foreign Ministry have misjudged their space program that badly.

In any case, this quarter we returned to a leisurely one launch per month, beginning in January with the launch of the second crew to KSS, putting them at 6 crew in total.

The launch of the 2nd part of the KSS crew on our by now well-tested Proton-2a launcher.

The launch went as expected, and given the presence of six kerbonauts, soon to be expanded to 9 when the last of the scientific crew launches in the next quarter – March saw the launch of another KSS crew transport, although this one was empty and serves as a safety measure, providing redundancy in case of an evacuation combined with a pod-failure.

In between these two launches we launched the main KSS Laboratory Utility Module. The KSS LUM provides the current and future scientists on the station expanded capability in conducting zero-g experiments.

KSS seen with the lights on, as it passes into the night. Picture taken during EVA after the LUM was added, but before the Emergency Evacuation Pod.

We currently finishing up the preparations for the coming Mars launch window, as well as finishing up the last minor modules for KSS, as well as a line of continued re-supply vessels and crew transports.

Wernher had begun working on ideas for a fully re-usable vessel for both crew transport and re-supply, but given the mad Illyrien plans, I understand that the Ministry wish us to focus on other avenues.



Gene Kerman


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