10 years already?

January 1st, 1961; Baikonur Kosmodrone.

The annual new years party of the Kerbinian Space Agency has been moved one day this year, to make room for a much more momentous occasion – the 10 year anniversary of the KSA and its leading figures.

Gene, Wernher and Valentina have just come down from the podium, after Gene have given the annual speech regarding the space programme, reminding everyone that they would have to be sober again and back in a couple of days for the next launch – with a smirk-y smile on his lips.

“It’s too bad Jeb, Bill and Bob can’t be here – this looks to be one heck of a party”, Valentina told the others with a smile hinting a slight sadness.

“We know”, Wernher began looking serious as always, “but the pre-mission quarantine is more important now than ever – at least for KSS we can get people back fairly quick, even though it does cost a lot more”.

“I know”, Valentina answered, “At least I have a possible Lunar mission to look forward to with my crew next year – if you ever get around to re-designing the lander again”, she continued, looking at Wernher with a resigned look – due to his constant re-designs.

“It is important to be efficient, while still having a flexible design – our constant progr…” Wernher began explaining before Gene cut him off.

“We know and it gets better and safer each time – lets just hope the next one is more useful as a series production craft. But while the Moon is important, we can’t dwell there. The Illyriens are already sending consumables to Mars – we need to be ready for the next window – as they’re constantly ahead of us there”, Gene said, looking at both of them.

“I know”, Wernher began, “and with our current research track, and Project VD, we do believe that we have solved some of our main issues – combined with everything on the way there, we may catch a lucky break. I just wish we had sent surveyors to the moons as well, as extracting water from there for the long term planned orbital facilities would have been much easier”, he ended, looking at Gene.

“I know Wernher, but we can’t think of everything ahead of time – nor can we afford it. After January, we look at getting Valentina and her crew on the Moon, and then we start looking towards the next Mars window – we have to be ready”, Gene said, with a serious look on his face.

“For now, let’s enjoy the party and maybe go say hello to Jeb, Bill and Bob later”, Gene ended their serious conversation, lifting his glass, “to another decade of success and leaving the Illyriens in the dust”, he yelled.



End of year status:

Funds sitting at just above 1.2M – with science a whopping 5000 and techs queued for more than half a year.

Employees: 1900.

Scientific progress 6.8 TB of data processed per day.

Satish VAB: 27/18/18.

Baikonur VAB: 16.5/15.6/15.5


2 thoughts on “10 years already?

    • That depends on what you can deduce from my descriptions and what your plans are 😛

      And yeah, I’m running out of money though – I doubt I’ll get to add much more than 100 next year – but after seeing the nodes taking 5-6 months to complete, the R&D really started to look like a required upgrade :-/


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