About Kerbinia Space Agency

For describing progress in an RSS game of Kerbal Space Program between friends.

Kerbinia in the game is located around the old Soviet area, although it goes as far south as India, to have a launch site not too far from the equator (having accidentally developed global scanning satellites, before paper and crayons that work in space, a rough outline of Kerbinia can be seen below).

Map of the Earth, with Kerbinia outlined.

The original inspiration for it can be found here.


Other players:

Illyrien Space Program

Avacore Space ProgramShips


The game is an RSS/RO/RP-0 game (v. with KCT and a “few” other mods (.ckan file).

Exact details of the scenario are:

  • Normal settings, though all options under “General” are switched off.
  • KCT set to RP-0 preset.