kOS scripts

Name Description
FlightLog.ks Basic script to record rudimentary flight data during initial ascent. Designed to be used from the Kerbinia Space Centre.
NodeExec.ks Low level automation script capable of executing a manoeuvre node fully autonomously. Works consistently perfect down to around 0.5 m/s precision – and sometimes lower as well.

Successfully used for manoeuvres as far out as Venus.

LunarGuide.ks Full guidance script for lunar landing, not a fully autonomous landing.

Successfully used in landing the Bear-1 lander on the Moon.

Usage notes: Reduce horizontal velocity to a few hundred m/s, initiate suicide burn at around factor 1.4 and the speed should be reduced to zero a few hundred meters above the surface.

LunarDescent.ks Intended as a fully autonomous landing script, but not yet fully developed.

Partial success, as the lock in on the retrograde direction works as intended, however the guideline for the suicide burn does not work.

Fix before attempting any crewed landings, since eyeballing the burn is difficult and the crew is unlikely to survive the impact that our unmanned probes can.

Name Description

MatLab scripts

Name Description
plotlog.m Basic plotting of flight data in Apollo 17-style to visualize the ascent of the flight.
txt2mat.m Utility script to read log file (from MatLab Central, credits in file).
Name Description

Note: MatLab R2016a required.