Today up, tomorrow the moon!

Today we go live by radio, to the Baikonur Kosmodrone, where the glorious leader of Kerbinia will be addressing the people.

“On this day, January 1st 1951, we, the people of the great nation of Kerbinia, have decided that we will go to space.

We will do so because we want to, and not because the deranged Illyrienians are also doing that – this has nothing to do with them, just us – although we are both better and awesommer than they are.

To lead us in this glorious task, I have chosen our great pilot Valentina Kerman to lead the project using her impressive flying skills.

Valentina – go to space!”

As the speech of our glorious leader ends, Valentina Kerman is ushered to the podium (ok, it’s a radio room) to accept this immense responsibility, albeit looking slightly puzzled. When asked how she felt, her reply was a brief:

“Freck no, I wanna fly these things! You guys can get my brother Gene to do the planning” – at which point Valentina Kerman pointed at her brother and left for the Kosmonauts lounge.

After a bit of confusion Gene Kerman suddenly found himself with a new job, and the space race have begun.


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