I’m bored!

August 20th, 1955 – a few hundred kilometres up and going fast to the right-ish.

Gene says I have to write these things twice a day, but they’re boring!

There’s nothing to write here, because I’m bored!

I’ve been zipping along for 7 days now, and I’m bored!

I can’t even go play outside, because those big solar panels are blocking the hatch. Note to Werner: DON’T BLOCK THE HATCH!

Gene says I have to stay for another 5 days to set some sort of record. What sort of record? Being bored for the longest time? It’s all fun and games the first day, but I have to strap in to the seat to sleep – and it’s not a comfortable seat to sleep in! Another note to Werner: SPACEBEDS!

I can see why they made me do this thing – no way Jeb would have been as patient.

I’m gonna go count my snacks for the 723rd time and then eat one, so I can count them again – I’m not doing those silly puzzles Werner and Gene wants me to, they can do those themselves. Note to self: Bring a book next time.



Valentina Kerman – The most bored kerbonaut.



Play note: While trying to set a record in space with Val, I accidentally forgot about the Hab-limit, so she went grumpy. Luckily I could still remote-manoeuvre the pod back down.


10 thoughts on “I’m bored!

  1. Personally, I would just put them on the tank, and not decouple the command pod until reentry.

    Btw, our tracking station report another 5 pieces of LEO debris have entered the atmosphere and be destroyed. It seems nature is cleaning out the trash.


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